Gen iClick

Gen iClick - Insurance & DPLK

Insurance Services in One Hand, with Gen iClick you can do anything! No need to come to the Generali office or Generali Agent anymore!

Customers can obtain information and policy data as well as complete services in the Gen iClick - Insurance & DPLK application such as:

  • Viewing policy data information in the Gen iClick - Insurance & DPLK application
  • Online claim submission
  • Tracking claim status
  • Online Top Up payment
  • Finding a list of hospital partners
  • Exit RS service
  • RoboARMS activation
  • Monitoring the investment performance of your Unit Link policy
  • Changing investment fund allocations, ARMS parameters, and correspondence data
  • Viewing current transaction reports
  • Withdrawal of DPLK funds according to the desired time and equipped with a total benefit calculator
  • Knowing the latest news/solutions from Generali
  • Viewing DNA test results (specific to iSignature customers)
  • Detailed details of individual customer & DPLK Policy data (Policy Information, Premium, Payments, Sales Force, Investments, etc.)
  • Online claim submission with document upload facility

The Gen iClick - Insurance & DPLK application makes it easier for customers to access all insurance services in the palm of their hand!

You can access Gen iClick® via your mobile phone. Download Gen iClick now on your Play Store and App Store.

View the guide to using the Gen iClick® application

We will always provide the best solution for you, for your family, and also for your business.