The KTP photo is used to confirm the truth that you are one of the policy beneficiaries from Generali Indonesia.

We will use your photo as a profile photo in your review column (OPTIONAL)

I am the beneficiary of the policy listed above, issued by PT. Generali Indonesia Life Insurance ("Generali Indonesia"), hereby agrees and is willing to provide testimonials regarding the experience and benefits of insurance protection that I have received from Generali Indonesia without being charged any fees or demands.

I am also willing and authorize Generali Indonesia, its employees, and parties appointed by Generali Indonesia to publish my testimony, both in internal and external publications, social media, web, email and to take the necessary actions for the purpose of publishing my testimony including but not limited to processing and using my photos, videos and personal data.

In the event that there is a dispute regarding my statement as stated in this Agreement Letter, I agree to resolve it by deliberation.

Thus I have made this Agreement, so that it can be used as intended.